已经连续两年了, a Govs senior has been awarded a match scholarship in the QuestBridge National College Match, a national program that connects high-achieving high school seniors with full four-year scholarships to top colleges. 超过16人,500名申请者, 22年的安德烈·洛克被选为6人之一,312 finalists to be considered for the QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship and later went on to be recognized as one of 1,674名决赛选手将获得比赛奖学金. 

"The achievements of our Match Scholarship Recipients are a culmination of their hard work and perseverance,安娜·麦卡洛说, 联合创始人, QuestBridge的首席执行官. “感谢我们大学伙伴的承诺, these deserving students can tap into their full potential without worrying about the cost of a great education."

The Match Scholarship is part of a generous financial aid package provided by the college that covers the full cost of attendance, 包括学费, 食宿, 书籍和用品, 和旅行费用. Competition for the scholarships is intense: these outstanding high school seniors have an average unweighted GPA of 3.93岁,92%的学生在毕业班排名前10%. 

Upon applying to the National College Match, students rank the QuestBridge colleges of their choice. 与政府学院顾问Julia Kobus一起工作, 安德烈确保了与西北大学的比赛. "I am incredibly proud of Andre for becoming a Questbridge scholarship recipient. Andre took a diligent approach to college applications from the beginning, and I am incredibly pleased that the Questbridge committee recognized his tenacity, 对社会正义的热情, 和学术成就,”Kobus说. 

安德烈谈到了他的申请经历, 未来的职业目标, and advice for students hoping to apply for the QuestBridge program in the future.

我见到了. Kobus last year to begin thinking about programs and opportunities to help me prepare for the college admission process. 就在同一天. de la Guardia (Govs language department chair and GovsPLUS director) connected me to Questbridge's college prep summer scholars program, 她和女士. 科布斯帮我设计了比赛程序. I also saw the Instagram post last year when Lemuel L'Oiseau '21 won the Questbridge scholarship, 我想, “那可能是我!"

安德烈: 学生 who participate in the Questbridge summer program are more likely to become a finalist for the Match Scholarship, 所以, 对我来说,整个大学的过程始于去年春天. 去年整个三月假期我都在写关于我兴趣的文章, 成就, 和活动. 在那之后, I participated in the summer program and then applied to become a finalist this past September. 10月, 我得知我进入了决赛, 然后我必须CQ9电子游戏我的学校排名, 写更多的文章, 完成这些学校的申请. All this while managing a demanding course load, playing varsity football, and keeping my grades up. 

大官: How did it feel when you found out that you were a finalist to receive a Match Scholarship?
安德烈: I found out via email right after football practice and thought, "Man, I am happy today!“我的朋友们都很支持我,也为我感到高兴. 但整个过程需要大量的工作, 当你在里面的时候, 你没有很多时间去考虑如何到达这一刻. 我还想,“哇,我接下来要做什么??“总有下一步. 

安德烈我文章的一大主题是独立. 我已经取得了很大的成就, 我得到了老师和朋友们的大力支持, 但我什么都是自己做的. I'm not getting that support from my family, so all the work and responsibilities come down to me. A lot of my life has been working through difficult situations and coming out successful, 不管我的胜算有多大. 独立使我坚信要自力更生. 

I'm so grateful that Northwestern chose me and that I have the opportunity to prove myself, 但我也觉得他们CQ9电子游戏我这个机会是一个很好的选择. I've worked very hard for this, and the work has been done consistently across many areas. 我是两个赛季的校队运动员, 摔跤队队长, BLA(拉丁裔黑人协会)联合主席, 我修了5门AP课程,成绩一直很好.

大官: What are your 未来的职业目标, and how will Northwestern help you achieve them?
安德烈: I plan to double major in political science and sociology, and I'll continue with wrestling. I also want to work with the Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern's Pritzker School of Law — students have the opportunity to make a positive change there. 对我来说, 自由, 正义, 真相是最重要的价值观, 我想为其他人保护这些价值观. Wrongful convictions and criminal in正义 affect black and brown people at a much higher rate. 

Down the road, I want to become a lawyer and return to my hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts. When I was younger, I definitely needed someone to help me, and I want to be that person for others. I don't care about gaining material things as much as giving others the help they need. I also want to be a senator for Massachusetts — I hope you'll see me on the floor of Congress one day, 为所有人工作.

大官: Any advice you can give to future students hoping to apply for the scholarship?
安德烈所有的努力都是值得的,是的,你已经足够好了. Believe in yourself, even if the odds are stacked against you because, well, that's life. 你必须继续前进. 

我还想说,为了学习而重视你的教育, 即使它似乎不适用于你的兴趣或未来的目标. 我认为自己更像一个人文学科的学生而不是自然科学的学生, 但是有些东西是值得学习的. Like calculus — I thought, "I'll never use these skills," and yet I'm excited to learn new things. I enjoy my AP Government class and AP English class in different ways because they provide many different ways of thinking. 尽管我可能不同意你说的每件事, 我相信听听别人的理由是有益的. The process of learning is exciting — it gives me intellectual satisfaction. 我是个大思考者,学习新的思考方式永远不会有坏处!


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